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Can You Trust Joe Namath For Medicare Advice?

Should you trust Joe Namath for Medicare advice? No, for the same reason you wouldn't come to us for advice on quarterbacking a NFL team. We are seasonsed Medicare specialists serving the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada area.
Medicare In Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada

As the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) opens on October 15th we are seeing more and more advertising from numerous insurance companies promoting their individual products and services. Each advertiser trying their best to stand out and out do the rest.

One of the bigger advertisers is the Medicare Coverage Helpline. Their colorful TV ads are trying to give the impression to viewers that they are a government program. This couldn’t be further from the truth as they are a for profit organization.

Their ads feature paid endorsements from retired NFL quarterback, Joe Namath (78) and recently Jimmie “JJ” Walker (74) a comedic actor famous for his dyn-o-mite role in the series “Good Times”.

The 2-minute commercials tout unbelievable benefits and free money with liberal use of the term “may be” slipped in. Have you noticed the disclaimer at the end of the commercial? This is a long paragraph in a very small gray font on a white background. Oddly enough the paragraph is not on screen long enough to read. Makes you wonder what’s in the fine print. Right?

Although both celebrities qualify for Medicare, can they be trusted when it comes to giving you Medicare advice? Would either of them come to me for advice on how to quarterback a team or being a comedic actor? They were both good in their careers but their knowledge is very limited in the Medicare field. Don’t forget they are paid endorsers!

What’s more, if you called the Medicare Coverage Hotline can you personally speak to Namath or Walker? Of course not, your call is answered by an operator in a boiler room situation who is probably too young even to qualify for Medicare. If they’re too young how can you rely on their Medicare advice? The operator only “knows” the Medicare programs the company wants promoted and relays information in parrot fashion to you.

Some online commentators feel that these TV commercials are misleading, judge for yourself.

This is simply not our idea of customer service. When calling us you will talk to a seasoned Medicare specialist who has access to ALL the plans (not just one or two) from all the major Medicare insurance carriers that are approved in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Our specialist will research the best plans and present them in plain “kitchen table” English (or Spanish). This allows you to make the right choice, the one that best suits your specific situation.

What does seasoned mean? It means that our specialists already has his or her personal Medicare Plan and therefore understands the life needs and experiences of Seniors.

We don’t have any fine print whatsoever because we have nothing to hide.

When it comes to Namath and Walker, remember them for their original roles in football and comedy where they made their money. We earn OUR living providing ongoing customer service for Medicare clients.

For your Medicare needs, REMEMBER US!

P.S. Sorry, we do not offer football or acting advice.

Questions? Call us today at (702) 573-7766 and one of our friendly, patient and knowledgeable staff will be glad to answer all your questions.

Or if you prefer, please schedule a convenient time using our simple calendar Medicare in Nevada Information Here.

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