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How About This For Client Disservice?

I read a story recently about an insurance agent bragging that he had enrolled over 20 Seniors into Medicare on the same day. While that sounds impressive to him and his colleagues, we know he is doing his clients a disservice.

Let me explain. It takes about an hour to complete the Medicare enrollment process. It takes that length of time IF the client knows exactly whicn Medicare program they want. That means the agent spent at least 20 hours enrolling people, that’s excluding potty or lunch breaks. He would have to be signing people up in the middle of the night!

With a “smash and grab” approach it wouldn’t surprise some of them become our clients during the next Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

In my experience, clients think they know what they want. Many times this is based on the program they currently have or what friends and family suggest. What they don’t know is how many plans that are available. For instance, there are over 40 Medicare approved plans in the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada area. There is a strong likelihood that one of these plans is better for the client (and their friends and family) than the one they think they want.

First we start by discussing the client’s needs, then research which of the available plans meet those specific needs. This allows you to choose the most suitable plan for your situation. All this is completed before the enrollment process begins.

Do you think the other insurance agent went through all this to benefit his clients? Obviously not! He doesn’t have enough time in his day to enroll Seniors in the best plan for THEM. He is enrolling people in the best program for HIM, and this shows total disregard for client’s needs.

As you can tell we put the client’s needs first and foremost. It’s imperative we do, otherwise our business wouldn’t continue to grow every year.

If you want to experience first class service rather than a disservice, please call us TODAY at 702-573-7766.

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