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Relocating To Las Vegas Or Henderson? Do I Have To Transfer My Medicare Plan?

Are you relocating to Las Vegas or Henderson? If so, you’re not alone, Las Vegas is on the top 20 list of fastest growing cities and is thought of as a fast-growing retirement destination.

Why are Seniors moving to Las Vegas? Some of the advantages include no state income tax, no capital gains tax and low property tax. There are other benefits, for instance there is plenty of real estate in 55 plus communities offering resort-style living at a fraction of the cost of California and many other states.

Of course we can’t ignore the obvious attractions in Las Vegas, the casinos. The casinos are mini-cities offering dining, entertainment and shopping all under one, very large, roof. Quite often casinos offer promotions and specials such as “Senior Days” for local residents.

As you prepare to relocate, one important item on your to-do list may be missing and that is your Medicare coverage!

Why should Medicare be on your to-do list? Medicare Advantage Plans are county specific and Las Vegas and Henderson are located in Clark County. As plans are county specific you may be enrolled in a Medicare plan that isn’t offered in Clark County and you will have to make changes in your coverage. Even if you are relocating from one county to another in the same state you may need to change your Medicare Plan.

If you’re enrolled only in Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), changes to your coverage are not required. Original Medicare doesn’t have provider networks; instead, you can use any hospital or doctor that is contracted with Medicare.

Back to your Medicare Advantage Plan you have 63 days to make coverage changes. So make sure this item is on your to-do list.

You may incur penalties for not changing within the 63 days.

Call us today at 702-573-7766 and we will assist you with all the changes within the legal time frame.

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