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There Are Far More Medicare Choices Available In Nevada Than You Realize

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

There are far more Medicare choices available in Nevada that most people realize.
Medicare In Nevada -What Are Your Choices?

During the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) the major insurance carriers must believe that repetition is a convincing argument. What do I mean by that? Since the AEP started you have been bombarded, I know I have, by direct mail, telemarketing and TV advertising about Medicare plans from companies like Humana.

Do you watch the same TV programs on a regular basis? You might get the impression that Humana, with their deep pockets, is the only game in town available to you. Based on this advertising repetition it’s not unreasonable for you to call them. Despite impressions other options are available.

If you were in the market for a new car you would visit a local dealership, such as Ford. The only new vehicle you can buy is a Ford. The dealership may stock other brands but they will be used vehicles.

When you arrive at the dealership you only see the most expensive or most profitable vehicles in the showroom. The salesperson will show you a few Fords in your price range out on the lot, but basically, they can only sell their own brand. Why don’t you make a purchase right there and then? The reason is that you feel there might be a better deal or vehicle at the Chevrolet or Toyota dealerships. Will the salesperson recommend another brand? No, their hands are tied to the Ford brand just like companies such as Humana.

Your choice is that you can go brand to brand, dealership to dealership and back again or enlist the services of a car broker. The broker will find the exact vehicle with all options you want and need from any manufacturer. A car broker is not restricted to any single brand or model, they want to put you in the vehicle of your choice.

Just like the car manufacturer, the downfall with Humana is they can only promote their own brand and plans. By jumping into a plan too quickly, and seeing other competitive advertising, you might get that annoying feeling perhaps that the enrolled plan is not the best choice for you.

Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking Humana they do offer excellent plans and we have recommended them to many of our clients. These clients have Humana coverage, because after our research for the client, it was the most suitable plan to meet their needs. In this scenario, I am using Humana as an example and demonstrating that you have far more Medicare options available than you realize.

For instance, did you know that there OVER 40 approved Medicare plans for the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada area from multiple insurance carriers? With that many choices, the chances are very good that there’s probably a better plan than Humana available to you.

By all means you can research all these plans yourself. That shouldn’t take too long, right? Better than that, you can call us, the Medicare specialists. Each one of our specialists is required to take hundreds of hours of intense training annually and pass exams to maintain qualifications.

We’ll do all the research on your behalf FREE of charge. Insurance carriers pay us to service you.

Our hands are not tied to any insurance carrier, our only commitment is to find YOU the best coverage plan and price that meets your specific needs. And yes, if Humana is that plan we will definitely allow you to make the final choice.

To get your questions answered immediately call us TODAY at 702-573-7766. Se Habla Espanol.

If you prefer, you may schedule an appointment for a no obligation phone chat by CLICKING HERE.

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