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Is It Medicare Or Medicaid?

Are You Confused?













Medicare is a federal program and you qualify for it generally at age  65.  Medicaid is a state program funded by the federal government and you can get Medicaid at any age although most people get Medicaid under the age of 65.  I find that the biggest part of the confusion is that many people call Medicare, "Medicaid".  I am going to talk only about Medicare (65 or over) in this brief explanation. 

















When you turn 65, you have 5 options:
1.)  You may still be employed and continue to use the Health Insurance that your employer provides.  
2.)  You can use Original Medicare (Part A and Part B).  This option DOES NOT cover all your medical expenses.  It can cost you thousands of dollars to use only this plan !  
3.)  You can enroll in a Part D plan (Think of D for drugs/Rx).  This plan usually covers most of your drug/Rx expenses.  
4.)  You can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.  This plan covers most of your medical and drug/Rx expenses and many times has a very low monthly cost.   
5.)  You can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan.  This plan covers most of your medical expenses but none of your drug/Rx costs.  The monthly premiums can range from about $140.00 per month to double that amount depending on your age.  
It all starts with the beautiful "red, white and blue" card below.  To fully explain the above 5 options would take pages and pages and you would probably be more confused than when you first started reading.  I have a better idea ! 
Call us today at (702) 573-7766 and one of our friendly, patient and knowledgeable staff will make an appointment with you.  In less time than it took you to search for and read this page, we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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