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Add $148.00 To Your Social Security Check, How True Is That?

You and your Senior Citizen (65+) Family and Friends are probably seeing TV commercials (Joe Namath or J.J. Walker) or receiving mail re: the $148 program for Medicare recipients.

In the commercials, Joe Namath states "you MAY (my emphasis) be entitled to the Medicare benefit that adds money to your Social Security check every month." What a great way to grab your attention, but please note Namath doesn't say "MY Social Security check", more on this later.

Then, to add supposed credibility to the sales pitch, another person makes a comment. In the very fine print it states the featured lady is an "actual caller" and "paid endorsement". As she is paid, how credible does that make her?

In the clip she states, "I'm on a fixed income, so I called to get money added to my Social Security check." Superficially, she doesn't give the impression of being on a fixed income, more importantly she doesn’t say she received the money only "called to get it".

That program is legitimate, although misleading, what the ads don't tell you is that it is a Medicaid/Welfare program. A client would need to receive about $1,190 or less (Social Security) per month in their bank account and NO OTHER INCOME to qualify for the $148 program. Presumably with his endorsement fee and other income Joe Namath can't say money is added to "my Social Security check" because he can't qualify.

Food for thought; although we don’t know the exact amount, as a paid spokesperson, wouldn't the lady's fee put her income over the qualification guidelines?

I do help clients enroll in that Great Program! If you know anyone in that situation, send them my way and you will be helping them (if they qualify) put an extra $148 per month in their Social Security check !!

I've helped one friend put over $12,000 back into his parents' pocket and helped several other clients put $10,000 back in their pockets.

Disclaimer: Sometimes, I earn a commission from the Insurance companies. Most of the time, I don't earn a commission.

This program is ALWAYS FREE for the Medicare recipient !

By all means call the number on the Joe Namath commercial, but you will not receive the personalized service we offer for Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada Seniors for the EXACT SAME Medicare program.

P.S. Any program you see advertised anywhere we, too, can offer the identical Medicare plan with the added benefits of local personalized service. Sorry, but Joe's not going to call you back! Well, he might, but he will expect a fee.

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